Meet VixieCosplay!

I would like to introduce everyone to Vixie, a Central Florida cosplayer, hailing from the Rocky Mountain region of the US!


I had the pleasure of meeting and working with her recently on a photoshoot which came out perfect!! Here is a brief intro video I made while we were shooting!


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Hanging out with Wonder Woman

I had the pleasure of recently shooting a photo session with Danielle Miller, as Wonder Woman! Her costume is incredibly well done, featuring work by Viva WW. Her boots match perfectly and were purchased from HotTopic, and her sword? Well, her sword is an antique from Rome!! The photos speak for themselves, she pulls off the look of Gal Gadot with flying colors!!

Danielle came out to the Disston Sugar Mill ruins in St. Cloud, FL with her hair and makeup done by KDianeArtistry, and her boyfriend to assist in the shoot as well. The Sugar Mill ruins were the absolute best location for this shoot, and the weather was perfect! It got a bit too breezy when we went to use the smoke bombs, but we got the shot I was looking for!!

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Our Trip to Tennessee

A week or so before Christmas 2017, my wife and I traveled up to Nashville, TN for an extended weekend trip. Nothing serious, just a quick relaxing weekend away from everything. We stayed at an Airbnb, which is so much cheaper and more personal than a hotel, here in Franklin, TN. It was called, The… Read More

Adventures in Central Florida

I grew up in North Central Florida and I knew there were always places of beauty all around this state, but never knew this much was out here until I got to do some driving around with my camera in hand. There are tons of natural springs, parks, man-made landmarks that make Central Florida a wonderful… Read More

Trip to Louisiana

This past spring, we took a vacation to Louisiana, my wife had never been. We took in the sites and sounds of lively New Orleans, gambled for a day in Shreveport, visited one of many Bonnie and Clyde museums, and we also visited the sites of hit TV shows, “Duck Dynasty”, in West Monroe, and… Read More