Our Trip to Tennessee

A week or so before Christmas 2017, my wife and I traveled up to Nashville, TN for an extended weekend trip. Nothing serious, just a quick relaxing weekend away from everything. We stayed at an Airbnb, which is so much cheaper and more personal than a hotel, here in Franklin, TN. It was called, The BlueBird Cottage below was amazing, we loved our stay there and urge you to choose them as your place to stay!

Check out the Blue Bird Cottage here!


We got in on a Thursday afternoon and were pretty tired, so we ended up getting pizza at a local spot, Nashville Pizza.

The food was great, and then we crashed out and got some really good sleep in a comfy bed! The next morning, on Friday, we went downtown into Nashville and did some adventuring around so of the more popular spots. Below are some of the spots we hit:

My wife, Julie, sitting on the John Seigenthaler Pedestrian Bridge in Nashville, TN


I talked Julie into doing some modeling poses on the pedestrian bridge, and then she just carried it on, with the below picture, which came out great, even though you cannot see her hands in any of them because it was surely cold out there with the wind blowing!

Julie, doing some more modeling on the John Seigenthaler Pedestrian Bridge in Nashville, TN


Julie, posing on the John Seigenthaler Pedestrian Bridge in Nashville, TN with the city behind her.


Julie posing against the popular “Nashville Wings”. There was a line waiting to snap a photo or two per person, the line included a bachelorette party as well, or so it seemed by all the liquor store talk.


The “Nashville Wings” mural was so massive that I was actually unable to get the full mural into the frame, without standing in the street and risking a car hitting me, lol. It is a thing of beauty to see, and I highly recommend going and seeing it next time you find yourself in Nashville.

Julie had to also go over to the Pup’s version of the “Nashville Wings”.


Julie had to grab her a caramel apple, which she simply devoured in no time flat. “Guess it was really good?”…she nodded in agreement! LOL


We stopped to do some hiking on our way back, this was near Franklin, TN. Franklin is a beautiful area of super large homes, most of which are artist homes, to include Jason Aldean and Sheryl Crow.


The park near Franklin, TN. This was atop one of the trails we traveled up, had some beautiful lighting cutting through the trees as the sun was setting.


Julie took a break from hiking and posing for pictures, only to get her picture snapped again on this rock off the hiking trail.


Our first day was full and when we got back to the Airbnb, we decided to nap a bit, and not set an alarm. Not a good idea, because we ended up sleeping past the time we wanted to get Uber to take us downtown for drinks. We ended up getting down there anyways, around 11:00 pm and we had a few drinks and then came back after a short while. It was lively down on Broadway, but it was also super cold and standing in lines to get into a bar wasn’t as much fun.

The following day, on Saturday, we got up and got moving around to make it out to Lynchburg, Tennessee, in order to tour the Jack Daniel’s Distillery. I recommend this to anyone who likes whiskey, though No.7 isn’t the greatest, Jack Daniel’s has some amazing versions of Tennessee whiskey that you won’t find elsewhere normally. During the tour we learned a ton about Jack Daniel and his life’s work creating Tennessee whiskey, beginning at the age of 8! Most kids at the age of eight still mix up their left and right shoes, and Jack Daniel was learning how to make whiskey!

Jack Daniel’s life was amazing, to say the least, and the tour gives you a ton of information. Even the story behind the money safe that killed him. Apparently, Jack Daniel came in one morning to the office, earlier than usual and decided to get into the office safe. Well, after forgetting the combination and making numerous attempts, he got frustrated and he kicked it so hard that he injured his toe which later gave way to gangrene. An infection passed from his sore toe to his whole foot, then to his leg, which was amputated. This didn’t stop the gangrene from traveling, however, and Daniel ultimately died in 1911, at age 61, of progressive gangrene complications.

Since then, the safe has never left his office.


There were also some really cool original Fire Brigade trucks, restored and on-site during the tour.


On the way back from Jack Daniel’s Distillery, I was able to snap a few more pictures of the countryside, which is totally beautiful and a site to take in.


Unfortunately, that was basically the end of our tour of Tennessee. On Sunday, we had to get up and get back on the road, back to reality and to pick up our pups from boarding. It was an amazing trip, and I only wish we had more time while we were there, because there are a ton more things to go see and do. That just gives us a reason to go back again!

Thank you for taking the time to visit my blog and comment below if you’ve ever been to some of these places.

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