Adventures in Central Florida

I grew up in North Central Florida and I knew there were always places of beauty all around this state, but never knew this much was out here until I got to do some driving around with my camera in hand. There are tons of natural springs, parks, man-made landmarks that make Central Florida a wonderful place for photographs.

Check out the spots I went to below and feel free to drop a comment and share some of your favorite locations in and around Central Florida!

Downtown DeLand

This small town has so much charm loaded in that it’s difficult to see it all in one trip! I grew up just north of DeLand, yet never really walked around downtown and checked out all that it has to offer. There are wonderful little shops carrying everything from fudge, ice cream, and sweet treats to dog snacks and craft beer. There are some nice restaurants with sidewalk tables for a charming feel to the dining experience. Around the corner from the county courthouse, because DeLand is the county seat of Volusia County, there are some beautiful murals, one right on the main strip going thru DeLand. The other beautiful mural is the locally known the “DeLand Wings

Above shows the “DeLand Wings”, created by the “Erica Group”. It’s a beautiful wing mural, created on an alleyway set of doors. This mural, as well as others, can be found near the Artisan Alley in DeLand.
Above shows another mural, close to the “DeLand Wings” project, and if you were driving thru DeLand, you cannot miss this one! It’s a full building length, on the main strip, featuring a Naval scene from times past.
The area is well maintained and there are county offices everywhere, always a great spot to sit and relax a bit before moving on.

Rainbow Springs Park

This park is way out past Ocala, FL, near a town called Dunnellon. It’s a super small town with this gem of a park area, complete with waterfalls and a butterfly garden! A gorgeous park to hit for a day of nature and swimming in cool fresh spring water, at a year-round temperature of 72 degrees!

Ponce Inlet, FL

If you’re in search of a beautiful beach, that isn’t too crowded, you can find it in Ponce Inlet. The beach has a long pier that goes along the “jetties” or seawall of large rocks, the beach is full of beautiful birds comes along with a lighthouse view!

Inside the stairwell of the Ponce Inlet Lighthouse

Rusty chain, near shipwreck in Ponce Inlet, FL


I will attempt to make more and more ventures out and photograph the trips, please comment with any locations in Central Florida that you feel I should check out and photograph!

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